Rules & How our awards work

We are all about transparency, your nominations and votes are added to work out who is the winner and up to 3 runners up. 

We admit we have a lot of categories and as such there is a minimum number of votes, different companies, businesses, organisations, groups or individuals (depending on the category) that must be nominated to produce a winner. 

We do everything we can to ensure that everyone is who they say they are, in line with the category criteria. Obviously as you the public vote for who you wish, you must ensure yourselves you are happy with that company, organisation, group or individual. 

Multiple votes by the same person will only be counted once.

Nominations are accepted initially, companies, businesses, organisations, groups or individuals can be nominated in more than one category as long as they meet the criteria, and multiple people can nominate the same company, business, organisation, group or individual.

Once nominations close, we switch to voting this is to ensure that everyone entered has a fair chance to gain votes. It wouldn't be fair to accept someones nomination 4 months before and that company then has 4 months to obtain votes compared to someone nominated a week before voting closes.

Nominations open in September

Voting opens 1st November and no new nominations will be allowed, voting closes 16th December.

Winners and Highly Recommended are announced week commencing 1st January 2022. 

No monies paid to us has any reflection on awards being awarded or a condition of being a winner.

We reserve the right to alter the rules and criteria as needed over time. We also reserve the right to remove businesses, organisations, groups and individuals from the running at our discretion.